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2016 production PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lyndsey Forsyth   
Tuesday, 19 May 2015 07:14

GAMA Youth's 2016 production is going to be Aladdin!  Rehershals will start again in August, and we can't wait for the panto fun to begin!

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NODA Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lyndsey Forsyth   
Sunday, 01 March 2015 14:43


Author: Mike Pendlowski

Having seen my second Youth show in Fife in a week, with a third to come tomorrow evening, I feel Fife is safe for years to come for up and coming talent moving on to adult societies.

Tonight, GAMA Youth, gave an energetic, moving performance of Les Miserables, which called upon every ounce of talent which the group could amass, and this they did formidably!

Jean Valjean (Callum Stott) is the main focus of this world renowned musical. We follow him from his time with the chain-gang to becoming a respected mayor and his subsequent escape from capture by the Chief-of-Police. At the top of the show I felt that Callum’s performance was going to be a little restrained, however, these thoughts were soon to be dispelled, culminating in a memorable performance of “Bring Him Home” in Act Two.

His nemesis, Javert (Dylan Ross) gave another first-class performance with his diction and power of voice (both spoken and sung) belying his sixteen years of age. My accolade for performer-of-the-evening must go to Fantine (Nicola Brown). Nicola’s moving singing and acting in her brief appearance early on in the show was stunning and matched many of the pro-Fantines I have seen in the West End. Thankfully, we were party to a little more from Fantine in the penultimate scene. Marius (Brandon Low) and Cosette (Brogan Orkney) worked well together as the love interest in the show, and, teamed up with Eponine (Amber Sinclair Case) allowed us the pleasure of three further lovely voices.

Humour in this fairly dark show was introduced in the form of Mr & Mrs Thernardier (Matthew Bain & Hannah Paterson). These are not easy parts to be covered by youth performers, but Matthew and Hannah appeared to take them in their stride, drawing well deserved applause for “Master of the House”.

To the youngsters - Young Cosette (Megan Adams) and Gavroche (Joel Allsopp). Megan demonstrated an excellent clear voice in her “Castle on a Cloud” while Joel as the mischievous urchin had the look and personality, together with his powerful vocals, to steal all his scenes. I can see adult companies marking down their names for the future!

Not to be forgotten, Enjolras (Connor Wright) was a strong, dominant leader of the Students, while Leia Henderson gave a very believable performance as Young Eponine. The cameo role of the Bishop was undertaken well by Calum MacPherson.

The orchestra in the capable hands of Peter Robinson was  always “just right”, never drowning the young voices (although some of the “young voices” could give adult voices a run for their money!)

Direction was undertaken well by Scott Melvin, and some nice touches of choreography by Neil Hamilton were evident,  particularly in the Wedding Scene.

Well done GAMA Youth.


Come along and hear the people sing! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lyndsey Forsyth   
Sunday, 22 February 2015 21:34

Well there are only another two days until the Revolution comes to Glenrothes! Do you have your tickets and are you ready to join

the barricade?

Come and hear the people sing! GAMA Youth presents LES Miserables - school edition this week at the Rothes halls.

The 50 strong cast and our 20 piece orchestra worked hard this afternoon, and sounded amazing! You really don't want to

miss this fantastic show, GAMA Youth celebrate their 10th anniversary and Les Miserables celebrates its 30th!



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GAMA Youth's 10th Year anniversary show PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lyndsey Forsyth   
Sunday, 07 December 2014 22:15


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NODA Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lyndsey Forsyth   
Sunday, 03 August 2014 19:22

NODA review of our 2014 production - Oliver!


Glenrothes Amateur Musical Association Youth: Oliver!

Director: Scott Melvin;

Musical Director: Robert Anthony;

Choreographer: Neil Hamilton

It always adds to the pleasure of attending a production where the enthusiasm and dedication of the cast is obvious from the first rise of the curtain, and here in GAMA Youth it is most certainly the case. Featuring a cast of some fifty 10 to 16 year olds, GAMA Youth presented a show of which they can be well proud! The opening chorus gave full scope for the fine ensemble, well directed, making maximum use of the multilevel set. Callum Stott (Mr Bumble) and Hazel Barlow (Widow Corney) worked extremely well together, as did Callum on his own in the solo Boy For Sale. The two minor principal - but nonetheless important - characters of Mr & Mrs Sowerberry brought That's Your Funeral to life, before we were delighted with Oliver's solo Where is Love. While Ewan James held centre stage with confidence, you could literally hear a pin drop in the auditorium. We then moved on to probably my favourite sequence of numbers, taking place in Fagin's Den. In Consider Yourself Oliver joins forces with one of the best Artful Dodgers I have had the pleasure to see in recent years - here played by Joel Allsopp. An animated Fagin (Brandon Low) led the lively Pick a Pocket or Two followed by our introduction to Nancy (Hannah Paterson) whose depth of character belies her youthful years. I'd Do Anything was a fine ensemble number, rightfully earning serious applause from the audience. Be Back Soon closed the first act - and I don't think anyone had any alternative ideas! Act Two opened with another rousing chorus, Oom-Pah-Pah, ably led by Nancy. A final introduction follows in the shape of Bill Sykes, played with just the correct amount of nastiness by Dylan Ross. Act Two reprises five of the earlier numbers in the show - and why not? - they were all performed well enough to be heard twice - at least! Fagin's Reviewing the Situation received well-deserved audience reaction. This song - like many others in the musical - is made all the harder to carry off effectively since it is now so well-known by members of the audience, thanks to the many tours and films of the show over the years. However, congratulations GAMA Youth on a fine show. Congratulations also to your Direction team, whose job can only have been made easier by having such a talented group to work with! Thank you for inviting me to attend your performance.

Reviewed by Mike Pendlowski

NODA Rep District 7 (Fife)


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